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We are a high performing domiciliary care agency based in the southern
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We are an outstanding care service provider

Elite Social Care Ltd provides home care solutions that are person centred and practical to support your individual lifestyle and values. Your care will be specifically suited to meet your needs while improving your quality of life. Our friendly and professionally trained team are highly experienced and carefully selected to attend to your every need. They are available to support you in a professional and confidential manner.

In order to ensure that your specific care needs are met, a customised care plan is drawn up with your input telling us specifically what your requirements are. This person centred care plan will include:

Support With Activities, Appointments or Social Events

If you have social events or activities to attend, we are able to attend these activities or events with you. Prior notice will be required so adequate arrangements can be made. We are also available to attend hospital appointments with you. We will accompany you to any of these activities and ensure you arrive home safely.

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Meal Preparation

We are available to provide for you nutritious meals of your choice to stay healthy. We cover preparation of breakfast, lunch and tea according to what your requirements are. If it requires us to stay a little longer to encourage you to eat, we will. As it is just as important to stay hydrated, fluids of choice will always be made available on hand.

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Home From Hospital

To welcome you back home comfortably after a discharge from the hospital, our experienced team are available to provide extra support that will be tailored to your needs. Putting into consideration that your care needs may have changed, we will provide the care and support needed to settle you comfortably back into your home.

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Sleep Ins

Elite Social Care's sleep in service can be arranged when needed or on a regular basis as we are quite flexible to meet your needs. If a main carer needs to attend appointments, meetings, events, or go on holiday we are available to provide the necessary care cover. Our night service is from 10pm to 7am. The team member will be available to provide care and support throughout the night if the team member is required as a waking night staff. On the other hand, the team member could also be required as a sleeping night staff, however provisions must be made for the team member to be in a separate sleeping area within call of the individual being cared for. All these choices are available to be able to meet your requirements.

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Cleaning Services

We are able to come into your home and ensure that it is spring cleaned with a hoover, dusted, toilet and bath cleaned and left in a completely clean and tidy state. Your waste is disposed of properly and the outdoor bins put out when made aware of which day it will be picked up. We will do your laundry and hang it out to be aired.

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Personal Care

Elite Social Care's team are available to provide personal care just the way you want it. We will get you up in the morning and put you to bed at night. We offer washing, bathing, dressing, undressing, shaving, hair washing and dental care, ensuring you are kept clean and tidy. We are trained in using moving and handling equipment if required. You will be supported in a professional and confidential manner ensuring your dignity is always kept intact.

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Medical Prompt and Pick Up

As you are aware, taking your medication at the right time of the day is very important to maintaining a healthy life. We therefore make it our responsibility to prompt you to take your medication as prescribed and maintain a detailed reorder system for repeat prescription to be picked up if needed.

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Our carer will assist you in getting your shopping done after a shopping list of all your needs have been collated. You are always welcome to go out shopping with our carer if you decide to, the choice is yours. Whatever is on your shopping list, we are happy to get it for you.

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