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We are a high performing domiciliary care agency based in the southern
part of London. It is more than just performing duties for us, We care!



Our Safety Precautions
During COVID-19

With the Covid-19 pandemic, getting safe diseased free domiciliary care is of major importance.

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Who We Are

Elite Social Care Ltd is a high performing domiciliary care agency based in the southern part of London. We provide our clients with the best quality of care in the comfort of their homes, whilst ensuring the care provided is person centred and tailored to meet specific care needs.

We are in your home as guests and not to take over, therefore we respect and understand your needs and abilities, while also encouraging independence.

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Our Services

Elite Social Care Ltd provides home care solutions that are person centred and practical, to support your individual lifestyle and values. Your care will be specifically suited to meet your needs while improving your quality of life. Our friendly and professionally trained team of carers are highly experienced and carefully selected to attend to your every need. They are available to support you in a professional and confidential manner.

Support With Activities

Meal Preparation

Home From Hospital

Sleep ins

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Why Choose Us

12 Years Of Experience

With 12 years of quality experience we are knowledgeable and well rounded in the ins and out of domiciliary care. We are a company you can trust and can assure you are in safe hands.

Fast & Effective Solutions

Our techniques and practices are not only quick but effective. At Elite Social Care we pride ourselves on being able to render quality solutions without delay, leaving our service users without doubt.

Best Industry Experts

Our highly experienced team of carers are committed to improving the quality of life of our service users as Elite is an acronym that stands for Empathy, Loyalty, Integrity, Teamwork and Efficiency

Flexible Pricing System

Flexibility is important. Our Flexible pricing system allows our service users receive effective care plans that not only benefit them, but fit well into their budget.

Outstanding CQC Rating

Our Packages

Our packages range from thirty minutes to an hour per call, up to four times daily, depending on how much care you require. We also offer sleep in services. Our services run 7 days a week, 365 days a year, covering standard shift patterns. Our office hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, we are available on our on-call telephone number from 6:00am to 10:00pm.

Many clients come to Elite Social Care Ltd privately, however we also work with the council and local authorities. Please contact us for free advice at any time if you feel we are able to help you, your family or someone you know.

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      We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our team of carers. We are searching for motivated and purpose driven team members to join our HCA Team. Customer base is South side of Hereford City, Hours 16-40, National Living Wage plus Travel time and Milage. You may send your CV to info@elitesocialcare.org or fill in the Form below.

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